Real Estate

Are you selling a house or business building? Catch the attention of potential buyers with a catchy drone video. The maneuverability and accuracy of our drones ensures that we can visualize an entire property & domain in one single shot. Our licensed pilots fly safely above, around and trhough every building with one of our tiny indoor drones (< 250 grams). Indoor flying is 100% safe due to the light weight and the propeller guards,

Real estate drone tour

Real Estate FPV drone tour

Real Estate FPV drone tour

Real estate FPV drone tour

Real Estate FPV drone tour

FPV Drone Video

With over 10 years of experience in the world of RC, we are the drone video partner you are looking for! Our pilots fly the latest FPV drones suitable for high-end indoor and outdoor shooting. We also have the latest DJI devices such as the Mavic 3 Cine and Inspire 2.


Look no further, we offer an all-in service! We have our own production house allowing us to develop and deliver fully finished high-end productions. Looking for a corporate video, commercial, aftermovie, livestream or job video? Slipstream Drone Video is your one-stop shop.


Our certified pilots fly safely and legally in the most challenging conditions. Because we are licensed in both OPEN A1-A2-A3 and SPECIFIC, we can plan flights (almost) anywhere. In the middle of a city center or in controlled airspace (CTR)? We arrange the necessary permits which make your production proceed flawlessly.

For several home videos and events, we could count on the professional imaging of Slipstream Drone Video. They provide unique footage with their FPV drones which can't be capture with a normal camera. This unique way of filming gave our real estate video's the extra touch we were looking for.

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