Drone video services

Corporate Video

The ultimate corporate video is made with a drone. Or rather: with one of our tiny indoor FPV drones. We work with the most experienced licensed pilots which can perform highly accurate flights.


Are you looking for a catchy way to show off your office, school or company? We're offering the most experienced licensed pilots who are able to fly through all kind of spaces.


Ready to take your aftermovie, endshow or livestream to a higher level? Our FPV drones capture video out of the most spectacular perspectives. Even flying through fireworks is possible!

Real Estate

Are you selling a house or business building? Catch the attention of potential buyers with a catchy drone video. The maneuverability and accuracy of our drones ensures that we can visualize an entire property & domain in one single shot.


Sports and FPV drones are a match made in heaven. We're able to get the shot higher, faster and more dynamic than ever before. Our drones can shoot cinematic footage up to 6K for the highest-quality cinematic results.


Our drones can send out a live feed to provide your livestream from the most epic aerial shots. We can deliver sky high cinematic video, super dynamic FPV drone shots and indoor drone video.

High Speed

Motorsport, off-road races, cycling, air shows, skydiving.. nothing is too fast for our high speed FPV drones. They can reach speeds over 150 km/h to take the shot in the most dynamic way.

Music videos

We offer all-in drone video solutions to take your video clip to another level! With over 10 years of experience our team is ready to think creatively and create the most unique images with our (FPV) drones.

Black Pearl Studios


Are you a film maker looking for the most beautiful FPV drone shots? We never say no to adventure! From valleys to waterfalls, our pilots aren't afraid of a tough challenge.

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