Drones, video & more!

NEW: super dynamic project videos!

FPV, cinematic & camera

Ready to stand out? Our dynamic project videos are what you're looking for! Swipes, dives, transitions and a dose of sound design are the main ingredients for our super energetic reels.
A corporate video with drones!

What does that look like?

A corporate video with drones, what does that look like? Take a look behind the scenes during one of our recent projects and find out how we use our FPV drones, cinematic drones and camera team to create the most unique corporate video!
We're looking for stagiar(es)!

Drone, camera, edit & social content

Are you studying video/editing and are drones part of your passion? Can't wait to put learned theory into practice and are you motivated? Then quickly send your motivation and portfolio to stage@slipstreamdronevideo.be and score a mega challenging and varied internship!
New offices for Jan De Nul!

Corporate project video

Jan De Nul Group is building brand new offices in Hofstade (BE) and we sent out our drones with Corswarem Group to create this progress video of their glass facades with unique custom profiles.
Fly with us along the Thames in London!

Corporate project video

We went on a trip to London with Shake Design & Build! Fly with us along the Thames and discover the office interior solutions at Projective Group.
Vini Peermontesi | Harvesting Italian Wine

FPV drone branding video

Let us take you on a journey through the harvest of Vini Peermontesi (by L'uno Coll Altro). Filmed with our FPV drones, combined with additional camera footage to give the video an extra warm Italian feeling. 🍷
Salar | FPV drone tour video

Tired of boring company films?

Forget about static images and long-winded video. We fly above, around and throughout your offices and wrap it up in a dynamic drone tour video which immediately catches the attention of your website or social visitors.
The Qontinent 2023 | Behind the scenes

FPV drone through fireworks!

Throwback to a 3-day festival aerial shoot at The Qontinent including the FPV drone captation of the endshow fireworks! Take a look behind the scenes.
Groundworks Van Pelt

Sewage works showcase

Our latest project for Groundworks Van Pelt showcases sewage works in Malle. A comprehensive view carried out by our team with a combination of cinematic drones, FPV drones and conventional cameras.
Beermate | A successful crowdlending project

250.000 euros within 1 month!

Our team created an immersive crowdfunding video that not only highlighted the unique features of their innovative bar concept, but also conveyed the enthusiasm and vision of the Beermate team. The result? Within just one month, Beermate raised a whopping €250,000 through their crowdfunding campaign!
DJI Inspire 3 | Behind the scenes

Sunrise Festival 2023

Let us take you behind the scenes at Sunrise Festival while shooting aerials with the new DJI Inspire 3!
The Sunrise Festival 2023 aftermovie

Now online!

3 days, 5 crew members, 4 drones and 1 magnificent festival! Check out the Sunrise Festival 2023 aftermovie.
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